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Dec 25, 2006

Merry Christmas! or whatever holiday you happen to celebrate from the Podcast Family

Paul Calvin Patrick Greg TJ and our families and friends would like to thank those who have supported us through this last year.

Please be safe, and enjoy the show.

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Dec 18, 2006

WindowToTheMagic Podcast Show #072?

That's right... It is FINALLY FINISHED.

Patrick's long awaited, much-anticipated, dude this darn well better be worth the wait, birthday show is finally done!

After an ulcer which almost stopped him from attending Mousefest at Walt Disney World, and then after the actual trip to...

Dec 12, 2006

A very short show after a VERY LONG weekend. This week WindowtotheMagic takes you along as Patrick enters the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World for the very first time, and experiences a very large castle, and a very small disney character. Along the way, listen to the Main Street entertainers singing and dancing. I...

Dec 4, 2006

Yes, you read right... Show #73 Patrick is still working on show #72, and since he has recently developed an ulcer, he has not felt too much like editing lately. This week, to get you all ready for WindowtotheMagic's upcoming trip to Walt Disney World, we invited the original Walt Disney World podcaster - Ricky Brigante...

Nov 20, 2006

Howdy Folks! This week, Paul takes you on a magic carpet excursion through Paris and Tokyo Christmas celebrations, a reader answers our call for negative feedback, Paul discusses Patrick and his plans for mousefest, Mouseketeer Greg shows us what is currently "playing" in Seattle, we enjoy listener emails and audio...