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Nov 13, 2006

Christmastime kicked-off this weekend at the Disneyland Resort, and so Paul, Calvin, Tairy and special guest Chreestopher from the Big D videocast take you to the park this week for a live trip around the park to explore the Anaheim offerings, all in fabulous binaural audio. Listen as well for what Paul plans to do for the REST of the holiday season. Meet the WttM crew at MouseFest at Walt Disney World in December 2006! Patrick and Paul are going to be on hand for many of the events at Mousefest, and will even be hosting their own meet, WindowtotheMagic's WhereInThePark? LIVE! Visit for more information! Save 25% on WindowtotheMagic DVDs by visiting and entering the discount code "shownotes" upon checkout. There is no limit on maximum discount, however a minimum purchase is required. Most orders ship within 24 hours. VoiceMail 206-984-WTTM (9886) Email Visit the WindowtotheMagic discussion forums at 60 minutes ))STEREO((