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Apr 9, 2007

7 degrees of Margaret Kerry. Can Paul link the reference model for Tinkerbell to his Tax Time DVD sale in 7 steps or less. Probably not. Join Harry, Al, Mr Freez, DPN listener Lillian, 2 bands and Rod Roddy as we explore the stream of conciousness that is Pauls mind this week. By the way, the link for the WindowtotheMagic Tax Time $10 DVD sale is: Every WindowtotheMagic DVD is $10 bucks now thru April 15th ! ! ! *************** LESS THAN 3 WEEKS TIL WESTFEST 2007 ! ! ! Meet the ENTIRE WindowtotheMagic Crew at Disneyland April 28th and 29th, 2007 for the first annual DPN WESTFEST. DPN WESTFEST is a gathering of listeners from the Disney Podcast Network (http://www.THE and the podcasters who create the shows! All the events are free of charge (except for park admission and food) and we would love to see you there! Visit the official DPN WESTFEST webpage for more information: ******** Email: podcast Voicemail (206) 984-WTTM (9886) Discussion Forums: 56 mins ))BINAURAL & STEREO((