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Dec 12, 2006

A very short show after a VERY LONG weekend. This week WindowtotheMagic takes you along as Patrick enters the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World for the very first time, and experiences a very large castle, and a very small disney character. Along the way, listen to the Main Street entertainers singing and dancing. I promise that MUCH MORE is on the way soon, including LOTS of Mousefest audio. However, after 4 days at WDW with 3 hours sleep each night... I am going to BED! Enjoy! Oh, one more thing before I go... If you want to see what happens when Paul gets pulled up on stage at the Adventurers club on pleasure Island at WDW, visit and click on the link named "Buela and Paul Barrie" Save 25% on WindowtotheMagic DVDs by visiting and entering the discount code "shownotes" upon checkout. There is no limit on maximum discount, however a minimum purchase is required. Most orders ship within 24 hours. VoiceMail 206-984-WTTM (9886) Email Visit the WindowtotheMagic discussion forums at 33 minutes ))BINAURAL((