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Sep 11, 2017

CONTACT US TODAY! Email: Voicemail: 1-307-GET-WTTM (438-9886) Twitter: Twitter: Facebook: ********************************* You've heard Paul discuss what the genesis of WindowtotheMagic Podcast was and how it all came about, and on this series of shows, you will actually HEAR the classic podcasts that inspired Paul to surround himself (and YOU) with the magic. This is Part 1. Enjoy! ********************************* WindowtotheMagic is a member of the Podcast Network. Visit Micechat for all the latest Disney news, along with a healthy dose of commentary! Thanks to Micechat for sharing the WTTM magic with their readers! ********************************* THE WTTM PODCAST APPLICATIONS for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch & now for Android & Kindle Fire Mobile access to our shows, and MUCH more! The WindowtotheMagic Podcast App: Apple: Android: ********************************* This podcast is brought to you by: The Recurring Supporters of WindowtotheMagic. To join the club and send us a small recurring donation, please visit our website or click here: Thank you for supporting the Magic! ********************************* OTHER EXCITING WAYS TO ENHANCE YOUR WTTM EXPERIENCE ********************************* The WindowtotheMagic Family of Podcasts & HD Videocast The Original WindowtotheMagic Audio Podcast The WindowtotheMagic Videocast (HIGH Definition) ********************************* Email: Voicemail: 1-307-GET-WTTM (438-9886) Twitter: Twitter: Facebook: ********************************* 57 Mins ))MIXED((