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Nov 26, 2005

What was supposed to be Patrick's 30th birthday podcast goes horribly wrong, as Patrick is nowhere to be found, and Paul has to slap together a show at the last minute... or does he?

67mins ))STEREO((

Nov 19, 2005

Another live show from Disneyland in California! Where in the park do we end up this time? Listen and find out!

Nov 14, 2005

Music, Music, Music... It's some of the best stuff at Disneyland, and that's what this show is all about - Disneyland Music! From the Trash Can Trio, to the Dapper Dans, to The Disneyland Band, and The Bayou Brass Band... They are all here. In glorious STEREO SOUND! 45 mins ))STEREO((

Nov 5, 2005

After a fantastic Halloween show, we settle back into our regular format with a "Where In The Park?" game FOR PRIZES! After you listen to this show, be sure to submit your contest entries to for your chance to win some great Disney themed DVDs, or a WindowToTheMagic Podcast T-shirt!...