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Oct 24, 2005

Frontierland Part 2 ! ! This weeks show continues our tribute to Frontierland with a "Where in the Park?" game!

Oct 17, 2005

Howdy Pardner!

We're back from Disneyland, and this week we have the first of a multi part series on that underappreciated land, Frontierland!

Visit the Golden Horseshoe, Keel Boats, Wally Boag, Listener emails, Billy Hill, Walt Disney, 2 new contests, Betty Taylor, The Diamond Horseshoe, Peco Goofy, listener...

Oct 8, 2005

RAW, UNEDITED... ALMOST LIVE from Disneyland! Paul and his son Calvin take you on a quick trip into the park on the evening of their arrival in Anaheim. Posted 3 hours after it was recorded, this guerilla podcast takes you from the freeways of Southern California, to one of Disneyland's Major E-Ticket...

Oct 2, 2005

A little something different this time... An interview with X Atencio and Kathy Beaumont recorded live at the NFFC convention in July 2005. This interview contains wonderful stories of their days providing "Voices in the Park" and other highlights of their careers with Disney. This recording is made possible through...