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Feb 26, 2006

The 1950's were a fun time for music at Disneyland. While at the park this last week, my father and I discussed his experiences with date night at Disneyland, and the classic Big Band dancing at the Plaza Gardens. To this end, I bring you music from the current Jump, Jive, Boogie Dance Party. 41mins ))STEREO((

Feb 19, 2006

Patrick Hurd returns with his monthly show, and MAN! This (in Paul's opinion) is Patrick's best show to date!

Taking us on a 30+ year journey through the world of electrosynthamagnetic musical sound, Patrick takes us to every corner of the globe.

He lets us hear, remember, and maybe even discover anew the...

Feb 12, 2006 brings you this weeks windowtothemagic podcast where we explore a book of vintage Disneyland photos, and then visit Walt's boyhood home of Marceline, MO. for a symposium on Disneyland featuring Tony Baxter of Walt Disney Imagineering. Lots of great info about Disneyland's first 50 years is...

Feb 7, 2006

Wishes granted - In more ways than one. *****This file was reposted due to a error with the original file. Please delete show 29, and listen to this one, as it is complete. Sorry for the trouble.*****