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Jul 27, 2006

WindowtotheMagic celebrates it's first anniversary with a round-table style discussion with Paul Barrie, Patrick Hurd, Calvin Barrie, Tairy Woodard and Mouseketeer Greg. Topics range from memories of the first year to thoughts on where the podcast might go from here. Also featured is a look back at the first year of wttm produced by Patrick featuring hightlights (and low points) from the first 53 shows. A regular show will be available this weekend as usual, this is a special episode. This show is sponsored by The Pointnorth Media convention. Come to the Pointnorth Media convention. Aug. 25-26th just outside roanoke Virginia. Guest speakers include Magaret Kerry, animation actress for tinkerbell, Celeste Yarnall from Classic Star Trek, Suzanne Lloyd from disney's Zorro, Spice Williams from Star Trek V, and many others. There will be media workshops and the evening of the 26th you can dine with the stars, where you pick the celebrity of your choice to dine with for the evening. Sign up now as seating is limited. For information on this exciting event go to Email: VoiceMail: 206-984-WTTM (9886) Forum: 83 minutes ))STEREO((