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Aug 14, 2006

WhereinthePark? You tell me. This week we announce the winner for the first of 4 contests, and begin contest #3 in the series. Be sure to join in, as the winner for contest number 4 will be picked from all the non-winning entries from the first 3 contests. This weeks "Where in the Park?" game is for the birds... but not the ones you think when I say that! Hahaha! Check out this weeks game for a game "with a twist" and a totally different perspecitive. BE SURE THAT YOU ARE CHECKING THE FEEDS FOR MULTIPLE SHOWS DURING THE WEEK. I HAVE PUT OUT VIDEOS AND STUFF AND IT APPEARS THAT NOT EVERYONE IS GETTING ALL OF THEM. PLEASE REVIEW THE FEED TO SEE WHAT SHOWS YOU HAVE MISSED RECENTLY. THERE HAS BEEN 4-5 THINGS IN THE LAST 10 DAYS... IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT ALL, GO BACK AND GET THEM. continues to sponsor the Podcast, and we thank Carlene for her continued support. Please visit and join the APP forums for your chance to win great prizes, including one of a kind signed artwork from Disney Imagineers, as well as copies of her fabulous hard bound books of Disneyland photography HOMECOMING: Destination Disneyland and Disneyland: The Beginning. If you would like to save some money on DVDs, please visit and enter the code "shownotes" at checkout to save 25% on any DVD purchase of $30.00 or more. VoiceMail 206-984-WTTM (9886) Email Visit the WindowtotheMagic discussion forums at 34mins ))STEREO((