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Dec 4, 2006

Yes, you read right... Show #73 Patrick is still working on show #72, and since he has recently developed an ulcer, he has not felt too much like editing lately. This week, to get you all ready for WindowtotheMagic's upcoming trip to Walt Disney World, we invited the original Walt Disney World podcaster - Ricky Brigante of the Inside the Magic podcast ( ) to guest host this week. I asked Ricky a while back to record a specific "WhereinthePark?" game for me, and since the game ended up being over an hour long, we decided to just let him host the whole she-bang. Ricky did an excellent job on this weeks show, and he even discovered a little bit of WDW that he had not experienced in quite some time, and he was glad to have experienced it. What was it? Just listen to find out! Next week, Patrick and I will be coming to you LIVE from Walt Disney World in Florida, and will be bringing all the fun and excitement of Mousefest to you all. We will be recording nearly the entire time we are in Florida, and so we expect to have lots of fun Florida audio for you in the coming weeks and months, once this whole Christmas thing blows over for the year. =) Patrick and Paul are going to be on hand for many of the events at Mousefest, and will even be hosting their own meet, WindowtotheMagic's WhereInThePark? LIVE! LISTEN TO EPISODE #71 FOR DETAILED INFORMATION. Visit for more information! Save 25% on WindowtotheMagic DVDs by visiting and entering the discount code "shownotes" upon checkout. There is no limit on maximum discount, however a minimum purchase is required. Most orders ship within 24 hours. VoiceMail 206-984-WTTM (9886) Email Visit the WindowtotheMagic discussion forums at 78 minutes ))STEREO(( .